I played a role of a hacker called TALEN in "The Inside Man" Season 4, that will be launched in January 2022.

A short film "Lost In Speech" is in process of several short film festivals in the UK and Japan. If you are an agent or casting director and want to see it, please send me an email.

The online showcase at GSA will stream from 13th Oct - 8th Dec. I act in 3 different scenes from "Flowers", "Arigato, Tokyo" and "Ciphers".

Yuya Sato is a Japanese actor based in London

Yuya Sato is the first Japanese actor, training at Guildford School of Acting MA Acting course. After his professional career from on stage to screen in Japan, he moved into the UK in January 2021.

His physical skills is one of his most extraordinary points to say. That is exactly the reason why he played Puck in A MIDSUMMER NIGHT'S DREAM at GSA. He didn't only learn various style of Dance, but also Filipino martial arts (KALI). This means that he could flexibly adapt to any kind of movements in acting with his originality.